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Leave no trace camping: 4 necessities you can’t forget at home

Leave no trace camping: 4 necessities you can't forget at home

The great outdoors will only stay great if campers, hikers and other outdoor enthusiasts treat nature with respect and kindness.

The tenets of leave no trace camping ensure that everyone gets to enjoy the natural splendors of the world without leaving a lasting impact on the environment. Dedicated campers understand that anything brought into nature must also be carried back out.

To help you pack for your next camping trip, consider these no-trace necessities:

1. Camping stove

There's just something about food cooked over an open fire that makes it taste better. However, if you're only stopping along the trail for lunch, you may not have time to create a safe fire pit and gather fallen branches for fuel.

When you don't want to leave a trace, use a small, portable camping stove to cook your meals. The Leave No Trace Center for Outdoor Ethics explained that campfires can leave lasting marks, so a small stove with solid fuel canisters is a great no-trace option. Just remember to take your empty fuel canisters with you!

2. Quick-drying clothes and bio-degradable detergent

To wash your clothes outdoors, all you need is a waterproof bag and bio-degradable detergent. Place clothes and a small amount of detergent in the bag with your dirty clothes, add water and shake. Dispose of dirty water 200 feet from any source of water, then rinse clothes again and dry on a line.

On the trail, excessive moisture is an enemy to your personal hygiene. Wearing damp clothes for prolonged periods can lead to illness as well as bacterial infection. Be sure to wear clothes that wick away sweat and dry quickly.

No-trace campers tend to pack light, but a few breathable shirts and changes of underwear shouldn't take up too much space in your bag.

No trace camping means that everything you brought into nature must come back out.No trace camping means that everything you bring into nature must come back out.

3. A flashlight

For those who would rather see logs and twigs in a tree than a campfire, a powerful flashlight is your best friend. It doesn't pollute, it's easy to carry and it can help you in an emergency.

Make sure your batteries are fully charged before heading on on the trail, and bring spares just in case. Every member of your group should have his or her own flashlight in the event that they are separated from the group at night. 

4. Biodegradable wet toilet paper

There are a few necessities that you can't hit the trail without – and one of them is toilet paper. To ensure you stay fresh and hygienic, consider packing biodegradable Zoly™ Wet Toilet Paper. Alcohol and fragrance-free, this versatile product is ideal for no-trace campers because it completely dissolves when buried.

Zoly™ Wet Toilet Paper is gentle enough to use on any part of your body. After a long day on the trail, a quick wash with a refreshing wet wipe will help you prepare for a good night's rest under the stars.

To learn more about biodegradable wet toilet paper, visit Zolyproducts.com today!

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