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4 safety tips for hiking with your dog

4 safety tips for hiking with your dog

Hiking is one of the greatest pleasures in life because it allows you to completely remove yourself from the hustle and bustle of the modern world. You get the chance to stop sitting around indoors and enjoy the natural beauty of the landscape. And who better to share this amazing experience with than your favorite four-legged companion?

Follow these four safety tips to have an enjoyable hike with your canine buddy:

1. Always pack for two

For some, hiking is about heading into nature and taking on challenges as they come. For others, it's all about finding stunning vistas and breathing in the fresh air. No matter what your motivation for hiking is, always be prepared for an emergency. And when you hike with your dog, always pack for two. Consider bringing a collapsible water bowl, food and treats in addition to your own gear – which should always include a first-aid kit!

2. Train with your hiking buddy

When you go for an extended hike, you probably don't just start with the most extreme route. You train first to build up your strength, lung capacity and endurance. If you go hiking with dogs, be sure to train them, too. Start with shorter, easier hikes and work your way up to the more difficult routes. According to Backpacker magazine, puppies older than five months but younger than a year old should never hike more than an hour at a time.

3. Choose a trail approved for dogs

Whenever you take on a new trail, do your research ahead of time. If the trail is located in a state or national park, for instance, you can likely find a plethora of information online. For instance, you should know what the elevation gain will be as well as the overall difficulty of the trail. Look for trails that have been specifically designated as safe for dogs. Trails that are too rocky, narrow or muddy may be too dangerous for your pet.

4. Keep your hands (and paws) clean

Whenever you stop for a rest along the trail, check your dog's paws for cuts or scrapes. Use biodegradable Zoly™ Wet Toilet Paper to wipe away any mud or other debris. If you notice a cut or splinter on your dog's paws, bandage it carefully and return to the trail head. It's not safe for your buddy to walk on an injured limb.

Now that you know how to protect your furry companion on the hiking trail, it's time to start packing for your next excursion! Visit ZolyProducts.com today to get free shipping on your next order of wet wipes.

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