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4 Personal Hygiene Hacks For Your Next Camping Trip

4 Personal Hygiene Hacks For Your Next Camping Trip

The key to a happy camping trip is great company, good weather and a healthy body. While nothing beats the fresh air to lift your spirits, these four personal hygiene tips will keep you feeling clean and confident:

1. Keep your body dry

When you're out in the woods, you'll have to deal with a little more sweat than you might be used to. While some amount of moisture is inevitable, you should try to dry off when possible, and at least before going to bed.

Women especially should make sure their undergarments and swimwear have a chance to dry out, as sweat can generate unwanted bacteria. The recreational blog The Adventure Junkies suggested using cool wet wipes to wick away sweat from sensitive areas such as the face and underarms as well as the nether regions.

2. Use a sleeping bag liner

Sleeping is a relaxing activity for our minds and bodies – but that doesn't mean we're completely inactive during slumber. According to NPR, we can lose up to a pound each night in sweat and exhaled water vapor.

We can wash our bed sheets at home, but our sleeping bags are another matter. They spend all day tightly rolled up and never get much of a chance to dry. By investing in a sleeping bag liner, as Backpacker Magazine suggested, you can easily wash the cloth that touches your sleeping body or swap liners midway through a multi-day hike, leaving your cozy sleeping bag clean and dry.

3. Bring a toothbrush and natural toothpaste

Oral hygiene can be an accurate reflection of your overall health. According to the Mayo Clinic, neglecting to brush your teeth can cause an imbalance of bacteria, which may in turn lead to an infection. When you're living outdoors, bring your toothbrush with you and consider an eco-friendly toothpaste.

The U.S. National Park Service reminded campers to avoid using hygiene products within 200 feet of a source of water or campsite. Store each product in a water-proof bag and dispose of empty containers when you return from your trip.

4. Use biodegradable wet toilet paper

A few wipes from a cool cloth can make you feel like a new person when you're out on the trail. Zoly™ Wet Toilet Paper provides extra comfort with simple, gentle ingredients. Fragrance and alcohol free, Zoly™ Wet Toilet Paper is biodegradable, so you never have to worry about leaving a trace when taking care of your personal hygiene needs on your camping trip.

In fact, Zoly™ Wet Toilet Paper dissolves in water and can be safely buried in the ground to decompose naturally and quickly.

Being mindful about your personal hygiene before your trip can help you enjoy the experience even more. Pack for efficiency, but don't neglect important hygienic products like biodegradable wet toilet paper.

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