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Why you should choose wet wipes over traditional toilet paper

Discover the benefits of wet wipes over traditional toilet paper.

It's not a grand duel or epic showdown, but the choice between wet toilet paper and traditional varieties is an important concern for anyone who makes daily trips to the bathroom.

The decision is important precisely because trips to the loo are so frequent.

To compare, consider another area of the house: the bedroom. We spend roughly a third of our lives sleeping, so we invest in good, comfortable beds that support a heavy head and a healthy lifestyle.

We may not spend a third of our lives on the toilet – but as a daily occurrence, it requires serious consideration. Here are a few reasons why you should choose wet wipes over dry toilet paper:

You like a little extra comfort

Who doesn't like a little extra comfort in life?

Dry toilet paper is generally made from a bleached pulp of hard and soft woods, making it sturdy when dry, but useless when wet. While each brand's formula is slightly different, many products can leave you feeling dry and itchy afterwards.

Wet wipes, on the other hand, provides a fresh, cool cleanse. You can feel the difference immediately, and the sensation of cleanliness will stay with you longer.

"When it comes to practical uses, wet toilet paper can't be beat."

You appreciate versatile products

One of the biggest advantages wet wipes have over traditional toilet paper is versatility. Professionals can pop them in a workout bag for a refreshing wipe down after the gym, parents can keep them in the car in case of accidents, and campers can use them to stay hygienic outdoors.

To be sure, dry toilet paper has its own utility – teenagers sometimes use it to decorate the neighborhood. But when it comes to practical, good-sense uses, wet toilet paper can't be beat.

You are an explorer

Camping, hiking and biking trips can be incredibly fun and personally rewarding, but they require an ounce of bravery. To make the journey, you need the courage to leave the world of sparkling personal bathrooms and secure privacy for the rough and tumble domain of the great outdoors.

Biodegradable wet toilet paper leaves virtually no trace in the wilderness, and it can clean up almost any mess that occurs on the trail. Plus, it's light and easy to carry.

When you'd rather not bathe among aquatic wildlife, choose environmentally friendly wet wipes.

You're prepared for any mess

Whether you're the parent of a messy child or you're a grown-up messy child yourself, it's important to prepare for life's spills. At home, at the office and in between, you need a dependable product that will clear up the mess quickly and get you back on track.

Wet wipes are far more portable than regular dry toilet paper and are much more effective at cleaning up sticky messes. An attractive package of wet wipes can fit discreetly into your glove compartment or desk drawer. A well-traveled roll of dry toilet paper, however, simply adds to the clutter.

If you want to stay fresh, cool and clean wherever you are, choose Zoly™ Wet Toilet Paper. Made with simple, environmentally friendly ingredients, Zoly™ Wet Toilet Paper is a product you can depend on.

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