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Why aloe vera is perfect for sensitive skin

Why aloe vera is perfect for sensitive skin.

When you get a mild sunburn or your skin feels dry and irritated, there's probably one soothing plant that comes to mind. Aloe vera, a spiky succulent with its own supply of cooling gel, is the perfect remedy for dry, sensitive skin. Unlike thick, chemical moisturizers, which may cause a breakout, aloe vera gel is simple, light and natural.

That's what makes aloe vera the perfect ingredient for Zoly™ Kids Baby Wipes. Keep reading to learn more about how this desert plant provides cooling relief to irritated skin.

Where does aloe vera originate?

People have used aloe vera plants to soothe irritated skin for thousands of years. According to the University of Maryland Medical Center, the hardy succulent originated somewhere between northern Africa and the Arabian Peninsula, though it quickly spread across the world via global trading networks in the 17th century.

Today, people cultivate aloe vera plants on almost every continent, and it's become a common house plant in North America. Although it's easy enough to find an aloe vera plant at your local garden center, it's best to use products designed specifically for sensitive baby skin. Too much aloe vera gel can make skin feel tight, glossy and uncomfortable.

How does aloe vera soothe irritated skin?

As a gel, the first drop of aloe can feel like a cool, welcome reprieve from red, swollen skin. According to a meta-study published in the Indian Journal of Dermatology, aloe vera gel can reduce tissue inflammation as well as stimulate collagen production.

In everyday use – as an ingredient in a wet wipe, for example – a touch is sufficient evidence to show how aloe soothes and cools. Sensitive areas of the body respond to heat and friction by turning red and becoming inflamed. The cool, moisturizing relief of aloe vera can immediately reduce the sensation of discomfort.

What makes aloe vera ideal for sensitive baby skin?

We tend to think of babies as fresh, clean and pure – so when redness appears on a young child's skin, it's easy to become alarmed. However, babies frequently experience mild skin conditions that tend to fade quickly.

"Babies can experience acne outbreaks, too."

The Canadian Paediatric Society reported that babies can experience acne outbreaks as well as irritating red rashes. And while the society recommended using a cream with zinc oxide to relieve severe diaper rash, you can use pure products for everyday cleaning.

When cleaning your baby, consider using simple baby wipes made with simple ingredients. Zoly™ Baby Wipes are made with EDI purified water and soothing aloe vera so they feel pleasant against your baby's sensitive skin. They're also alcohol and fragrance free – as those kinds of ingredients may dry out your child's skin and cause further irritation.

To learn more about soothing Zoly™ Baby Wipes, visit ZolyProducts.com today!

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