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How to save money on baby wipes

How to save money on baby wipes

From hygiene products to college funds, raising a child isn't getting any cheaper. Here's how you can save some money on life's necessities.

Raising a child is expensive

The price of raising a child can be a startling realization for new parents. From prenatal doctor's visits to buying diapers and clothing, the costs add up quickly. They can also be unpredictable. According to the Kaiser Family Foundation, the bill for an uncomplicated birth can range from $3,296 to $37,227 and a Caesarean delivery can cost between $8,312 and $70,908.

And that's just getting the baby into the world. Once the little one is here, the dollar figures continue to mount. NerdWallet reported that a household making $40,000 annually should expect to spend about $21,248 in the first year of the baby's life – and that's not including saving for college or purchasing life insurance. Plus, the cost of baby hygiene products can really add up in the first years.

Baby wipes and leaves in front of heart background.You don't need to pay a fortune for great baby wipes.

Saving money on baby products shouldn't be difficult

Though you can't put a price on love, it's clear that you can put a price on child care. During the early years of your child's life, some of the biggest recurring expenses are on disposable products such as diapers, formula and baby wipes. Savvy parents should look for ways to save on these products.

When it comes to baby wipes, you should choose a brand that understands the value of your money. For example, Zoly™ Kids Baby Wipes are not only affordable, but they also use only the purest materials. Made with EDI purified water and a hint of aloe, these wipes are fragrance-free and safe for sensitive baby skin. Plus, you'll always get free shipping on your orders. Here are more ways to save on baby wipes:

Cut wipes in half

Zoly Kids Baby Wipes are extremely versatile. Cut them in half to wash sticky fingers or clean your baby's smile.

Stock up when there's a deal

A sealed package of wet wipes will stay moist for a long time, so when you spot a great deal, be sure to stock up. Zoly™ products come with more wipes per pack than many other brand, adding to the potential for savings.

Throw a baby wipe shower

Baby showers are the perfect way for your friends and family to lend a helping hand. Ask for Zoly Kids Baby Wipes for products made with gentle materials.

Opt for wipes in soft packs

Soft packs of wipes are often cheaper than those in hard packs. If you still want a sturdy container, buy a plastic shell for your wipes and refill it with soft packs.

Buy in bulk

When you buy baby wipes in bulk, you save even more. For example, you can grab a three-pack of Zoly Kids Baby Wipes for $15.65 or a pack of 12 for $49.15.

Remember to set aside money for fun

No matter how much you love your little one, stress is inevitable. As you save for the important things in life, remember to set aside some money for a little R&R. That could mean a romantic dinner alone or a weekend getaway.

When you're stressed, your baby can sense it. Take the time for a little self care, and everyone will be that much happier.

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