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How to prepare for a fun afternoon at the pumpkin patch

How to prepare for a fun afternoon at the pumpkin patch

Halloween is just around the corner. Have you selected your jack-o'-lantern pumpkins yet? Although you can probably find some large gourds at your local supermarket, it's much more fun to visit a local farm and search for the perfect pumpkin.

Here are few tips to prepare for a trip to the pumpkin patch with your children:

Do your research ahead of time

Chances are you live by several pumpkin patches. Research them online to find one that best fits your expectations. Do you want to pick your own pumpkin from the field, or would you rather choose from a pre-picked selection? Do you want to visit a patch with a petting zoo and hayride? Patches that specifically cater to children will likely have additional activities for little ones to enjoy.

Dress for the weather

October can be a tricky month when it comes to the weather. Watch your local forecast and be prepared to dress in layers. Depending on where you are in the country, the temperatures could drop significantly in the evening.

Bring a camera

There's nothing quite like a pumpkin patch's crisp autumn air in October. The bright colors of the gourds accent the yellow and brown fields, and the falling leaves add texture and sound to your trip as you traipse across the hard packed dirt. Walking is great exercise for the whole family, and can be a fantastic bonding experience. Your photos will provide lasting memories of those experiences. When your kids get tired, you can hop on a hayride to rest and continue to enjoy the scenery.

Don't forget to wash your hands after visiting the petting zoo.Don't forget to wash your hands after visiting the petting zoo.

Make hygiene a priority

At the pumpkin patch, your littles ones will encounter a number of exciting new experiences that might be less than hygienic. Many patches feature petting zoos and hayrides in addition to the actual pumpkin picking. After each activity and before eating, clean up with gentle Zoly™ Kids Baby Wipes.

Pack snacks and water

An afternoon among the pumpkins is enough to work up quite an appetite. If your patch doesn't offer snacks, be prepared to bring your own. Fruit, trail mix and water are good options because they're easy to eat and will give you a boost of energy to finish out the day. Carrying pumpkins is hard work, after all!

Always be respectful

Many pumpkin patches are located on private farms. Remember that, although you might have paid to be there, you're still visiting someone's home. Always pick up after yourself and treat the land and animals with respect. It can be a valuable teaching moment for your little ones.

Make a weekend project

If you visit the patch on Saturday, you can spend some time on Sunday designing and carving your jack-o'-lanterns, depending on how close you are to Halloween. Grab some paper and markers and let your kids' imaginations run free. Parents should always do the carving.

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