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5 items every traveler needs in a carry-on bag

5 items every traveler needs in a carry-on bag

Even the most experienced travelers are always on the lookout for packing tips for stress-free travel.

We can't guarantee that these tips will help you reach a state of travel Nirvana, but we have pinpointed five items that every traveling professional should have in their carry-on bag to ensure a safe and enjoyable flight, every time.

Without further ado, here are the five items every traveler needs in their carry-on:

1. A good book

Although many airplanes have electrical outlets built into the seats these days, you still never know when you will end up with power, a connection to the internet, or both. Bring an interesting book to keep you occupied in these unconnected moments.

A book of crossword puzzles or sudoku is another good option if you want to do something a little more challenging. You can also consider an e-reader with a long battery life to give you even more in-flight entertainment options.

2. Headphones

Not only are headphones great for listening to your favorite music, movie or TV show, they're an excellent way to block out other noises on your flight. You never know when you'll be seated next to an infant with an earache. Plus, listening to music may make it easier to focus on work in such a crowded environment.

If you're flying internationally, you may also want to consider bringing a pair of earplugs to help you sleep. Even with the lights out and everyone in the cabin snoring, it can be difficult to stay asleep while flying. Earplugs can provide some much needed silence.

Before you get on a plane, make sure you're prepared for everything.Before you get on a plane, make sure you're prepared for everything.

3. A travel toothbrush

When you're on your third connecting flight and have been on the go for more than 24 hours, a fresh mouth can mean the world. Keep your travel toothbrush in your carry-on so you can freshen up at the airport as well as throughout the flight.

Single-use travel toothbrushes come ready to use. All you need to do is add water and brush!

4. A water bottle

Travel can be quite dehydrating. The recycled cabin air can easily cause your mouth and sinuses to dry up, which can lead to a painful headache. This can be a big problem if you need to hop off the flight and head straight into a meeting.

To save money at the airport, pack an empty water bottle and fill it before getting on the plane. Flavored additives can give your drink an extra boost of immune-supporting vitamins.

5. Wet wipes

You never know when one of life's little accidents will strike. A jolt from the flight attendant's cart, a bump of turbulence or a poorly timed sneeze could cause your drink to spill. A travel-size package of wet wipes will help you clean up a sticky mess well before the landing gear comes down.

Plus, experienced travelers know that the in-flight napkins are rarely sufficient to clean up any kind of spill.

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