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3 ideas for a no-mess beach day

3 ideas for a no-mess beach day.

Whether you're jetting off on a family getaway or heading to the local beach for an afternoon of summertime fun, you need to be prepared for the sticky, gritty messes that accompany a day hiking in the sand. There are a number of common household items that can help you control the tide of messy situations.

From baby wipes to a mesh clothing bag, let's explore three easy, helpful ways to stay fresh and clean at the beach:

1. Bring wet wipes to freshen up

To a baby's sensitive skin, even smooth sand can feel uncomfortable. When sand gets stuck to your little one's skin, rubbing it off with your hand or a towel could result in redness and irritation. Instead, use biodegradable baby wipes made with aloe and EDI purified water. These ingredients are gentle on your baby's skin and won't cause further irritation.

For added care and comfort, carry your wet wipes in a cooler. The touch of a gentle, chilled wipe will feel oh so good after a long, hot day outdoors.

Plus, soothing baby wipes can save you from an uncomfortable situation in the public bathrooms commonly available at the beach. On a crowded day, the paper products in these bathrooms can go quickly, and it may be a while before they're replenished. Your wet wipes, on the other hand, won't let you down.

2. Use a sheet to block itchy sand

At the beach, you want to feel the sand between your toes, not between the layers of your swimwear. Unfortunately, sand tends to cling to large beach towels. This makes getting clean difficult. Many beach goers end up shaking off the sand in the parking lot before heading back home.

One way to avoid this problem is to relax on a fitted sheet rather than on a rough beach towel. Hold the corners of the sheet down with pails of sand or other weighted objects. Sand won't stick to the sheet's smooth surface, and the curved-up, elastic edges will keep sand from spilling over. Plus, a quick shake will remove any sand that does find its way onto the sheet, making clean up even easier.

3. Carry beach clothes in a mesh bag

Cleaning beach clothes at home is another opportunity for a gritty mess – except this time in your laundry room. To avoid bringing the beach home with you, store your clothes in a mesh laundry bag after changing. Then, give the bag a few quick shakes, and most of the sand should fall out.

Give your clothes another shake before taking them inside your home, then place them in the wash to prevent mildew from growing.

These three household items will give you the gear you need to stay clean, cool and fresh for a fun day at the beach. If you're looking for wet wipes that are both gentle and environmentally friendly, consider Zoly™ Kids Baby Wipes. For free shipping on your next order, visit ZolyProducts.com today.

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