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10 must-have items to keep in your office desk

10 must-have items to keep in your office desk

Every office worker should consider keeping these 10 essential items in their desk:

1. Hand sanitizer

With flu season upon us, you can never have too much hand sanitizer at the office. OK, maybe that gallon jug is overkill. But a small bottle of sanitizer can save you from making multiple trips to the bathroom, and it's perfect for a quick de-germing before digging into your packed lunch.

2. Tissues

If a winter bug does take you down, you're going to need to stock up on tissues. Fair warning, a box on your desk tends to be seen as fair game by your co-workers. So if you'd rather not become the office tissue supplier, consider a smaller package of tissues hidden in your desk drawer.

A well-stocked desk means fewer trips to distract you from work.A well-stocked desk means fewer trips to distract you from work.

3. Zoly™ Wet Toilet Paper

Wet wipes are highly versatile. They're ideal for cleaning up sticky fingers after lunch (your keyboard and the IT person will thank you), and they can serve as a substitute for deodorant in a pinch. Speaking of deodorant – a quick wipe with wet toilet paper will remove those unsightly white streaks from your favorite dark top.

4. Snacks

Healthy snacks like whole wheat crackers, nuts and dried fruit will keep you fueled between meals, so you can focus on work and not on the clock. Every Monday, stock your desk with a few of your favorite snacks and switch it up every week so you don't grow bored. This is also a great way to avoid salty and fatty snacks in the vending machine.

5. Pain reliever

Eye strain from staring at the computer can ruin your day. Consider storing a small bottle of pain reliever in your desk for those late afternoons when the screen lights start to bother you. Plus, you just know a coworker is going to ask for some eventually.

6. Bandages

Paper cuts hurt a lot, and they're an inevitable part of life in an office. Storing a box of small bandages will help you get back to work faster after one of life's little (painful) accidents. Plus, you'll be the hero of your desk cluster when someone else inevitably slices their finger.

A few bandages will protect you from painful paper cuts.A few bandages will protect you from painful paper cuts.

7. Spare shirt

A torrential downpour can soak your work clothes in under a minute, but it takes far longer for them to dry out again. If you don't want to be the only person dripping in the next meeting, consider stashing a spare shirt or outfit in your office desk.

8. Stain remover pen

The fast-paced business day often forces us to eat in a rush, and that means the mustard on your sandwich may not make it to its intended destination. A stained shirt is definitely not a good look – especially when you have to meet with an important client. A stain remover pen might not be able to get the egg off your face, but it can save your work clothes.

9. Mints

Breath mints are a must. According to Harvard T.H. Chan Public School of Health, Americans drink an average of 3.1 cups of coffee every day. We do it to stay productive, but it means a lot of us have coffee breath. Do your officemates a favor and pack an ample supply of mints – and don't be afraid to share!

10. Phone charger

Getting stuck at the office with a dead smartphone is no good – and not just because you might miss out on those satisfying notifications. According to CIO, 87 percent of employers expect employees to use their personal smartphones to access business apps. You never know when you're going to run out of power, so keep an extra charger at the office.

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