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When sanitizing wet wipes aren’t necessary

When sanitizing wet wipes aren’t necessary, the choice is simple.

Sometimes, a product that claims to sanitize as it cleans sounds like a good idea – but that's not always the case. When it comes to the health of your family, especially baby hygiene, you need to understand when sanitizing is a necessity and when it can lead to further problems. Some confusion may arise from the ubiquity of anti-microbial soap in the bathroom. For years, soaps that claim to eliminate 99.99 percent of germs have been a mainstay of American bathrooms. However, in 2016, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration actually banned many types of antibacterial hand soaps, reported The New York Times. The reason? Health and environmental risks simply outweigh the benefits. Likewise, sanitizing wipes aren't always your best option, such as in these cases:…

Why simple baby wipes are the best for your little ones

Wet baby wipes should not be complicated. Parents already have enough to worry about without needing to study the safety of their baby hygiene products. How do you make room for enjoying some of life’s happiest moments if you’re too busy protecting your child from potential harm?

It starts with finding an honest brand you can trust. Here are a few features of some of the best baby wipes available: The best baby wipes are pure Comfortable and cozy in a warm towel, there’s nothing more pure than a freshly bathed newborn. That’s why the best wet wipes for babies are only made with crystal-clear, EDI purified water. According to General Electric, electrodeionization (EDI) technology produces safe, clean water – the kind that goes into highly regulated goods such…

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